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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  December 31, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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in the new year. >> reporter: you can see some of the barricades that were just dragged out here within the last 25 minutes. more than 200,000 people are expected out here along the streets and sidewalks. businesses away are telling us they expect a big business boost as well. here's why. take a look at the restaurant at fisherman's war of it's getting a lot of last minute calls from folks who want to see the fireworks on the third floor. it's the same story at the marines memorial hotel. crews today prepped a ballroom balloon drop set for after the dinner and dancing. $50 a seat, this fisherman is renting out his boat on new year's eve. >> i don't like huge crowds. i don't know, i can see it from our house. we go up on the roof and that's what everybody does. >> reporter: one a number of folks we talked to today, they
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will be avoiding the crowd on the embarkdarro. it's zero tolerance for drinking in public. police say they want to keep that partying off the street and inside to kick off the new year. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson. big question is what about the fireworks tonight. meteorologist rosemary orozco is here. >> we had mostly clear skies around the region getting a beautiful shot from san francisco towards the bay bridge. looked at difficult shot. the winds are light. i do expect temperature will begin to fall off. right now in the 50s, through about 8:00, we'll be at 50 degrees i'll have a look around at different regions. i'll have what you can expect
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the first day of the new year. the highway patrol says it is rolling out new tactics this new year's eve. in san francisco officers will be out. however, you may see some check points by police and other cities. last year 208 people were arrested over the new year's holiday in the bay area. there are a lot of transportation options out there for you tonight. you shouldn't have to worry about craving. some of them are even free. muny will be free from 8:00 tonight to 5:00 tomorrow. caltrains last southbound train will leave the city at fourth and king at 2:15 a.m. bart will be running trains until 3:00 a.m. starting tomorrow it's going to cost you more to ride bart and muny. fares are going up. bart passengers pay average 19
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cents a ride. one day pass will cost you $15, $23 for three days and $29 for a week pass. october firefighters are keep -- oakland firefighters are keeping close eye on the hills. patrols began late this afternoon and will be stepped up as it gets closer to midnight. firefighters are urging residents to call them if they see anyone setting off fireworks this evening. some firefighters are spending their new year's eve monitoring a grass fire. >> reporter: arson investigators this evening are examining this burned up stolen car to see how it played a part to ignite a fast moving grass fire in the east santa clara foothills this morning.
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some people in the mount hamilton area said they knew the dry conditions would bring trouble. >> normally this time of year, everything is wet and green. not yet. >> this had happen in years past. >> reporter: the suspected arson fire brought about 140 firefighters from cal fire, san jose and spring valley. cal fire was able to bring in air tankers and helicopter quickly because the lack of rain has agencies prepared as they would be in summer. >> it's still fire season. >> reporter: as we reported, the sheriff department said the burned car is where the fire started but investigators aren't sure if someone torched the car or possibly someone set fire to grass around the car. they trying to figure out why another stolen vehicle was on the road nearby. was it left to block emergency responders or left there
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because it ran out of gas? cal fire said they plan to have crews here overnight to keep eye out for hot spots. as they say, this winter has been anything but predictable. in santa clara, ktvu channel 2 news. it is official for most of california 2013 is the driest year on record. so far officials have not declared a drought. some cities are urging residents to conserve. december is typically one of the wettest months. we know how bad it will get on friday. that's when the first snow survey of the season takes place. unusually high tied forced closure of highway one off ramp near mill valley. it's a spot that's usually proned to flooding during the rainy season. while there's no rain in site, king tieds are bringing up waters up higher than usual. it's all due to gravitational pull of the sun and moon.
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continuing coverage on the legal battle that continues over jahi mcmath. there was a court ruling late today. it's the latest in a flurry of legal activity around the case of the 13-year-old girl that has been declared plain dead at oakland children's hospital. ktvu john has been covering the story. >> reporter: the family tonight says it is still searching for a doctor and a hospital to help them. the body of jahi mcmath remains in the icu here on a ventilator. the family and hospital continue to square off in this legal case. >> court in three positions ruled this young lady dead. she's not coming back under any circumstances. that's a sad truth. >> we want children's hospital to help us or get out of air way. they saying they will not help us. >> reporter: the family late today petitioned the state
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appeals court for surgical insertion of feeding and breathing tube to allow the body to be transferred. the hospital argued surgery on a dead body is unethical. the family's attorney says the  girl died 19 days ago. but if jahi recovers, the hospital could be liable for ongoing medical costs and possibly millions of dollars. a hearing is scheduled in federal court a week from tonight. reporting live in oakland, ktvu channel 2 west. terry schiavo health and network have come forth. she died in 2005 after more than a dozen court appeals to keep her on and off life
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support. this tragic case began on december 9th when jahi mcmath went in for routine tonsil surgery. on december 20th a judge issued a restraining order to keep children's hospital from taking jahi off of a ventilator. yesterday that order was extended until january 7th. the state appeals court refuse to order the hospital to insert feeding and breathing tubes and gave both sides until friday. ktvu has been covering new information in the deadly asiana airline crash. the san francisco fire department has agreed to hand over video from helmet camera and fire trucks to the family of a teenage victim. the family plans to sue the city over their daughter's death. federal investigators concluded she was hit by a fire truck responding to the crash of asiana flight 214 on july
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6th. passengers of a delta airline flight was forced to evacuate this morning because of an engine fire. happened as minneapolis bound flight was getting ready to take off. the fire was contained to the engine and no one was hurt. a suspect is in custody after a wild chase in san francisco. police say just before 9:00 officers tried to pull over jacques samuel. police say the parolee led officer ons on -- officers on a chase. the suspect struck officers with his car and another officer opened fire. police arrested samuel after he crashed into a concrete barrier. the officer was treated and released. a consultant hired to find a new police chief for the stiff oakland has backed out of the job over claims of meddling by city officials. bob murray reportedly resigned after learning city officials it conversations with potential
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candidates. spokesperson confirms staffers in her office did speak with possible applicants. >> if gives me a lesson every time i come out here and clean. >> a labor of love by these bay area teens. targets gets another black eye. this time over its gift cards. plus family going through a heart wrenching ordeal spends today helping others. this little girl is inspiring others to give a life saving gift. anncr: at jennie-o we heard of a place in iowa where every thursday people ride 10 miles for tacos. we thought we'd show up and surprise them
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with a better kind of taco made with jennie-o ground turkey cooked thoroughly to 165. i feed my kids turkey tacos over regular tacos any day. i think they are light and they are just fresh tasting. yeah. when i eat well, i feel well. anncr: it's time for a better taco. the tacos tonight were pretty much perfect. make the switch. look for jennie-o ground turkey in a store near you.
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>> as if target mass hacking millions and debit cards wasn't
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enough. the problem wrong authorization code. ktvu tom vacar has more. >> reporter: targets sell 40 million gift cards a year. a relatively small number, 40,000, were sold within proper security code making them valueless when run through the cash register. for one target shopper we met along the creek today, adds more doubt about targets over all ability to handle noncash transactions. >> i definitely taking into consideration how i pay here. i had a target gift card. >> reporter: so what are the odds you might get a miscode target gift code? only about one in a thousand. that means that will be one out of a stack of these cards. fortunately for target it appears many customers are willing to forgive and forget for now. >> i shop here all the times.
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i never had any problems. >> i would continue shopping there. it's still a great store and great prices and good quality products. >> reporter: supporters say target could lose customers if there are anymore thefts or blunders. >> st a marketing concern. >> they certainly have a job to do in term of their pr. >> reporter: target issued a statement saying target will honor the impacted cards. if a guest discovered they are gift card has not been activated, they can bring it to the guest service desk or call for assistance. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. extra police will be on the streets in oakland. they will be on the look out for illegal fireworks and monitoring scheduled protest. occupy oakland is organizing a march to the jail at sixth and clay street. they say it's -- democrat
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traitors -- demonstrators don't have a permit. new, it is a labor of love for some oakland teenagers this new year's eve. >> it hurts me and it should hurt the community that people are vandalizing something good. this is something positive. >> students with the envision academy adopted the remember them statute in downtown oakland. with the help of supervisor, the teens clean and maintain the work of art. two starts were at the site today. 25 several rights leader were featured. >> i really admire and admire them and they inspire me to do more with my life. >> along with the cleaning the students pick up trash and provide tours of the sculpture
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to visitors. the envision teens have done outreach at other schools. outpouring of support in honor of a little girl from livermore who's fighting brain cancer. >> reporter: ed in the church of jesus christ in latter day saints, more than prayers were being given in the name of 2.5- year-old da laney. she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. she's been through surgery and lost of blood transfusion. >> she's already had 14 plus blood transfusions sense october. there's still more to come. >> reporter: her family decided to holdal blood drive as a way to support the other children and families going through the same ordeal. >> when i move back, i saw this happening. i'm glad to be back.
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>> i used to donate blood years ago. >> reporter: delaney's dad is a firefighter. many those who came are his coworkers. >> when it hit, it's hitting within of our own children. it made me more aware of what can happen with children. >> reporter: people are following the little girl seat from around the -- site from around the world. they are humbled by all the love pouring in. they hope to raise awareness for the great need to donate blood. this is their way to trying to give back for all delaney has been giving. we want to take you to new york city. here is a live picture of the celebration getting ready to get under way in times square. almost a million people are expected in times square tonight to watch that famous ball drop.
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>> about a billion people will be watching on television tonight. all starts in about two hours and 40 minutes in new york. lot of people gathering there now. the weather looks like it's pretty nice. it's not raining or snowing. >> that famous new year's eve ball is like 12,000 pounds. >> that is just mind blowing. perhaps you are thinking about getting out doors and doing some celebrating. 49degrees right now in santa rosa. low 50s in san francisco, oakland you're checking in at 52 as well as concord, san jose 53. we did warm into the upper 50s. slightly cooler in some areas. tomorrow i think we'll begin to see that rebound and temperatures will warm back up a few degrees over what we had today. if you're going to be out celebrating tonight,
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widespread 40s. meanwhile, concord 52 right now and san jose if you are going to be out celebrating, temperatures will be cooling in your neighborhood as well. upper 40s expected by 9:00 and midnight 44 into the overnight hours, low 40s and right about sunrise, which is 7:00, upper 30s in the forecast for the first day of 2014. another spare of the air alert to talk about for tomorrow. here is the comparison. today and into tomorrow, notice the air quality slightly worse. the air quality index up above 100. the air is just very stable and ridge of high pressure is r -- is going to remain. for tomorrow morning, a chilly
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start. 33 in antioch, 34 in concord. freezing and subfreezing right around 30 degrees for santa rosa and napa. mid-40s in san francisco and 38 as we talked about for san jose. afternoon high feeling pretty good. mid-50s for santa rosa, mid-60s for oakland, low 60s expected for pacifica and upper 60 for santa cruz. for the santa clara valley checking in 45. we are expected to be dry for the next several days and into your weekend. the dry is here on calendar and most areas coming anywhere between 15 and 30% of average. the extended forecast, dry mild
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weather. >> happy new year. coming up in sports, college bowl highlights. also the warriors squared off against the magic today. joe fonzi will tell us how they did in orlando. aaçó@
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. >> it is crunch time in southern california workers are putting the finishing touch on 45 floats for the tournament of rose parade in pasadena. they are putting the'sing on the -- icing on the cake. security is beefed up. police will be using bomb sniffing dogs. joe is in tonight for mark. he's going to tell us about the warriors. they're able to work some magic in orlando. >> they actually bible to do that. the warriors were off to a great start. golden state in orlando this afternoon. some of the fans getting a jump start. not much for them to get excited about when it comes to home team. david lee with the block. he's been rewarded by steph curry who runs the floor. this time down the floor, steph takes matters into his own hands.
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the warriors run to a 23 point lead at half time. third quarter, clay thompson works hard for the points. they are 2-0 on the seven game trip after this 94-81 win. s in showing by the pac 12 in the bowl game today. ucla faced off against virginia tech. he gets one great block on the edge and then all the way back across the field. he won't stop until he goes-8 goes-8 6 yards. he passed for another 226. this is a 59-yard play. the bruins finished the season 10-3. it was arizona against boston college. william picks up chase redding.
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that photographer on the sideline none other than ken griffin jury. ken there was to see his son trey. 26-yard score from his son. the wildcat finished the season 8-5. sharks playing their second straight against anaheim. they are tied 1-1 in the second period. . couple big games this weekend. egot stanford tomorrow and niners on sunday. >> niners against packers on sunday. >> you're going to be there? >> whatever long stuff i can find, yes. >> be like what 12 degrees on sunday. >> they are seeing possibly
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now, a heat wave in the 20s. last week in the high was positive six and the low negative six. i don't know what you do in that weather. the new year celebrations are getting started in the bay area. there's no need to go out. you can watch us tonight at 10:00. we'll show you all the festivities. good night. >> happy new year. to those who've encountered welcome to covered california. new, affordable health plans so you can be ready for whatever comes your way.
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